Conservation & Restoration

The materials and techniques that we utilize are created to protect and preserve our own artwork or any special collection that you may have. Most of the time, we see works of art that have been framed incorrectly with acidic materials or wrong adhesives. This causes serious damage especially to artworks made of paper.

We provide evaluations and estimations on art conservation for our clients. If you choose to use us for your conservation work, you can make sure that it will be performed by exceptional and experienced conservators.

We also provide restoration estimates for glass and ceramics and in-house restoration of antique frames.

Characteristics of Artwork Conservation

  • Stains – Utilizing an acidic mat, expect to see a dark brown stain on the spot where it came in contact with the artwork. The same goes with acidic backing boards.
  • Deteriorated Adhesives – Using incorrect tapes and adhesives on artworks can lead to serious damage. Some types of tapes and adhesives contain active chemistry that contributes to having paper deteriorate continuously. These tapes often become brittle and harden and turn its color to brown or orange cause the artwork to do the same.
  • Foxing – Foxing refers to the small spots that normally have a brown color all the way across the surface of the artwork. This happens because of acidic build-up.

Artwork Conservation and Restoration Services

  • Debacking – Removal of acidic cardboard and old brittle cardboard backing that is glued to the artwork itself.
  • Tape removal – We remove self-adhesive tapes and all the damages that are cause by them.
  • Cleaning – We remove surface dirt on your artworks and improve discoloration.
  • Stabilising mould – We prevent any chances of growth of active moulds on paper and removing mould staining.
  • Deacidification – Removal of harmful acids that normally accumulates in paper.
  • Retouching and repairing – We repair torn and missing areas using similar papers to make an invisible repair as possible.

Conservation and restoration of artworks are very important. It preserves the artwork and the efforts of the individuals who have made it.  When you us to restore your valuable artwork, you will be of company that specializes in quality and reliable service.


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