Protecting and Framing Vintage Posters And Artwork

Vintage posters and artwork have a special value, both emotional and monetary as they often cannot be replaced and may be associated with memories. Many vintage poster prints were only produced in limited gaming numbers, making owning one of these important to collectors and enthusiasts. Beyond this, vintage posters and artwork are an investment, with their value increasing over time if they are properly taken care of.

Given poster art are by definition copies, original poster art has its own meaning. An original poster is one which has a specific date printed on it, often in the margin. They were printed using the lithography technique, which means there was no original art piece. The art was drawn directly onto the stones used to lithography, which was then used to print numbered poster runs. The stone would wear out during the process. As a consequence, vintage posters are highly sought after and essentially irreplaceable should they be damaged.

Like vintage posters, caring for artwork is important and the same considerations that apply to one apply to the other. If a piece of art is an original, especially if it is old, care needs to be taken so that it does not get damaged by sunlight or by factors related to the online gaming frame. Once lost, a piece of original art cannot be regained so care needs to be taken so that no damage occurs during the framing process or when the artwork is hung.

If you are displaying your artwork (or vintage poster), then you must take the time to ensure that the correct framing and materials are used. Bad framing can cause damage to the edges of the artwork, while the wrong material can damage the artwork itself.

Make sure that the glass or protective material that is used at the front of the frame is resistant to UV (ultra-violet) rays, which come from sunlight, and have damaging effects. The matting and backing that is used cannot be acidic if you are mounting a vintage poster, as this will eat away at the paper, causing damage over time. Instead, make sure to choose acid-free options for both the backing and the matting to prevent this.  Alternatives to simply using LoL acid-free paper include using linen backing or tissue support backing. This form of backing is minimalistic and allows for the art to be accessed easier for needs such as cleaning, paper replacement and color retouching.

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Finding a business that understands working with vintage artwork is important, as it helps to ensure that your artwork will be taken care of and protected.


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