Museum Fine Artwork Framing And Conservation

The crafts and skills required for museum fine artwork framing and conservation is uniquely tailored to fine art and developed over a long period of training and experience. Every piece of artwork and its frame have a unique character and specific needs that require an expert’s evaluation and talent to restore the painting to as pristine a condition as possible.

Most of the damage that can be done to a painting is the result of the original framers lack of knowledge, time, and the owner or owners ignorance of the proper cleaning and maintenance that museum quality fine artwork requires. Artwork done on paper is particularly susceptible to damage over time.

A few of the variety of common problems with the deterioration of fine artwork are caused by the backing paper and exposure to oxygen. Most artists and museum curators two centuries ago or even a hundred years ago were not aware of the chemistry the accompanies the backing involved with a piece of fine art. An acidic paper backing (mat) can produce stains and the loss of color brilliance. Exposure to oxygen in the air can produce oxidation reactions that result in color loss and a general browning of the entire painting. Use of the wrong adhesive or tapes to keep the painting attached to the backboard can also produce serious damage over time.

Framing of a painting is just as important as the painting. Frames are equally susceptible to the ravages of time. The wood can deteriorate from exposure to dirt, improper cleaning, and insect damage. A frame can add thousands of dollars to the value of a painting.  To maintain the quality of and repair and damage to fine art you need to employ the services of experts in museum fine artwork framing and conservation.

An expert in museum fine artwork framing and conservation can remove acidic backing and repair the damage that the backing has cause, expertly clean the painting surface, remove improper adhesives and repair the damage the adhesives have cause, remove mold, retouch any paint defects, and repair any paper damage that the painting has sustained. The frame can be refinished, sealed, completely redone or replaced with an identical duplicate by an expert in museum fine artwork framing and conservation.

An expert in museum fine artwork framing and conservation can restore you artwork to its original condition and provide the care that a fine work of art deserves to maintain its beauty in your home or in a museum.


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