Gold Leafing and Framing

Gold leafing is recommended for mirrors and pictures that are fitted in homes in which they are decorated using traditional design and style. It is usually appropriate for large mirrors but also passes for gorgeous wall decorations within any major room in the home. Gold leaf framed mirrors are also associated with an instantaneous glamorous touch. The frames could also be used to exude an old world book, an antique or even a chic metallic vibe.

So just what does gold leaf framing entail? If you desire to create a gold leaf frame for your mirror you must first and foremost be ready to exercise patience as the process is time consuming. Gold leaf frames are made through a process called gold leafing which involves the application of very thin and fragile sheets of imitation or real on the frame. Prior to this, we must ensure that the surface is clean and ready to be worked on. Frames which have detailed wood work may pose challenges in the application of the leaf, however the result will be a magnificent golden piece.

The Process

To give you an idea of the gold leafing process, here we detail the overall process. First you need to separate the frame from the glass or protect your glass. The painter’s tape could also be used to cover the glass surface. Secondly sand the frame material and seal it. Gilding can be applied to most of the materials including plastic and glass frames. Wood frames can be sanded before cleaning to make them smooth before applying a suitable sealer. Next apply the basecoat using acrylic bole to harden the surface and also make it even for the application of the gilding. This also gives the frame a warm touch when the gilding dries up. The bole should be applied in two coats at different intervals to allow the first layer to dry first.

After this, apply a thin layer of adhesive that will hold together the gilding to the frame’s surface. Usually the color changes to white before it eventually becomes clears after about ten minutes. It is at this point that the gold leaf is applied.  The gold leaf should be carefully laid on the frame. A soft brush may be used to smooth it into place. Consecutive pieces should be applied in the same way with new pieces overlapping the prior piece. Excesses can be trimmed off with a brush. The gold leaf can also be cut into pieces and applied to add detailed portions. The frame should them be protected and sealed using shellac. This is important in preventing the gold leaf from being ruined and increase it durability. When the shellac dries off your golf frame is ready for use.


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