Custom Mirrors and Framing

Mirrors are known for their primary role in reflecting who we are thereby offering a confirmation of our style as well as act as a guide to our grooming. For example, it is unthinkable to wear basic makeup without using a mirror as you may overdo it or vise versa. Even then, mirrors go beyond this role and provide esthetic beauty to a home. It is not uncommon to find mirrors in other areas of the house other than the dressing area. Custom mirrors and framing can be used around the house to generate different effects. Besides the mirrors allow for flexibility in design hence they can be tailored to suit personal preferences and tastes.

There are several areas in the home where custom mirrors can be introduced to create different effects.  Mirrors have the ability to add depth and light in a room through reflection of light which also adds emphasis to colors. In fact many interior designers compare them to decorative windows which can be moved around. Secondly, mirrors can also be used as mirrored art when set at the focal point of the room in which case the mirror itself becomes artwork.  In fact, big wall mirrors add simplicity to space when used correctly.

Custom mirrors and framing can also be used to visually double up the space in a room. This can however be achieved only when the placement and location of the mirror is strategic for example the dining room area. This can create additional lighting as well as add some dimension into the space.

Mirrors and frames can also be customized to create a dramatic effect especially in small spaces. This is in most cases ideal for the living room, bedroom and sometimes the end of hallways.  Other ways in which custom mirrors and frames can be used around the room include the creation of a reflected light in rooms that lack adequate natural light for the desired impact.

Although deemed to be costly compared to the ordinary mirrors, custom mirrors are a worth investment for any given room in your home. Custom mirrors come in a variety of styles, shapes and frames to bring out your personal style.  There is no limitation as to where custom mirrors can be used within the house it all depends on the effect you desire to create in your home, office or any other place you desire to spice up.


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